Second Life Name

Second Life Names in EIT '09

Post your SL name below along with a description of who you are.

Leigh Writer (Dr. Z) - My avatar changes a lot. He is tall and well dressed. Right now he has a green beard and hair. It HAS been purple.

Leigha Shoreland (Erin F.) - I'm still fairly new to Second Life, mainly due ot my internet connection speed at home not supporting SL.

LisaB Parabola (Lisa B.)- I have never used Second Life, I am a lady with brown hair and a pink pokadot dress.

Doll Shoreland (Barb Meyers) Never used it, trying to change appearance.

ava Ishmene (Shu-hsiang Chen). I am still a new user in Second Life even thought I did in the Dr.Z's class last semester.

Steph Oleander (Steph Thomas) Now that I'm WEARING clothes, it's a black t-shirt and jeans. This is my first Second Life experience.